• Our DAY Menu

    ~ Coffee ~ Tea ~ Masala Chai ~ Smoothies ~ Grilled Cheese~ Jamu ~ Toasts

    Day Drinks

    Espresso drinks made with Reunion Island Coffee Beans

    Traditional Pour-Over single-origin beans

    JAMU (an Indonesian healing drink) is made in house and is glorious for the mind and body

    Fresh Masala Chai served hot or cold from Cha Yi

    A large selection of tea from Cha Yi

    Three flavours of Mushroom Elixers from Four Sigmatic and mushroom latte mixes

    Smoothies made to order change from season to season

    Refreshing Fruit Lassie

    Seasonal Rotating Drink Menu

    YOW Popcorn

    Day Food

    Three kinds of made to order toast: Tahini-Banana, Avocado Toast and Egg & Kale

    Homemade Granola & yoghurt to start your day

    Grilled Cheese made to order with on Bread-By-Us bread


    A variety of Wild Oat baked treats including Wild Bars, Cranberry Brunch Cookies, Date Squares, and Peanut Butter Bars

    Raw energy balls created in-house
    Jamari Power Cookies

    Jamari Raw, Vegan Brownies

    Daily Paleo Muffins baked in our toaster oven

    Tons of other vegan/healthy delicious treats made in-house!


    Live Music Events Regularly
    Monthly Open Mics
    Book Clubs


    We carry a small selection of books on Movement & Meditation, some essential oils, toe spreaders, The Restorative Deck and more....


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