• Our Menu

    Coffee ~ Tea ~ Masala Chai ~ Smoothies ~ Raw Chocolate ~ Jamu ~ Toast


    Our espresso comes from - Hale Coffee.

    Our pour over single-origin beans are from Brown Bag Coffee Roasters.

    Our Bone Broth (traditional, Chaga Mushroom and Vegan) which is all organic and grass-fed from EXOgourmet.

    Our JAMU (an Indonesian medicinal tonic) is made in house and is glorious for the mind and body

    Our Masala Chai comes from Samovar and is made fresh each morning.

    Our tea comes from Clearview.

    We offer three smoothies, with a seasonal one rotating bi-weekly.


    Raw chocolate created in-house.

    Raw energy bars and balls created in-house.

    We offer 3 kinds of made to order toast: Avocado, Tahini-Banana and Egg

    Daily Organic Soups

    Daily paleo and vegan muffins, brownies and cookies baked in our toaster oven.

    Paleo granola & yogurt to start your day

    Our Hunter-Gatherer Box, a Grab n' Go dried fruit and nut snack box created in-house.


    Sunday afternoon live music.

    Monthly Book Club.

    Monthly Singing Club.

    20X20 (20 slides/20 minutes) Evening Presentations-coming soon!

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