• The dream team

    Get to know the people behind the bar!

    janet nicol


    A coffee lover (and snob)for nearly three decades, janet's passion to open her own place has been a long time coming. Bringing together the best espresso beans, awesome international drinks, non-bread/dessert snacks, and inspiring designs ideas from her years of living in South-East Asia and Europe, this place is unforgettable.

    kayla church

    cafe manager

    A fan of the outdoors, vegetarian cooking, and all forms of art. Kayla has been working in the coffee industry since her teens, and has true passion for working in the heart of a community.

    aaron cockburn


    Aaron loves mountains, forests, music, and adventure. He is a songwriter, poet, and avid rock climber. He seeks to unify the Spirit with all aspects of daily life and transform the mundane (back) into the magical.




    A certified yoga instructor, meditational dancer, musician, and lover of all things fluffy, Milo has raised caterpillars in the jungle, built an Earthship in the mountains, lived out of an old van, and that's just the start of the adventure! Ask her about her impressionist latte art, her vintage clothing business and how this one time she beat QWOP.

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