• The Dream Team

    Get to know the people behind the bar!

    Ashley Lethbridge

    barista and manager

    With a strong love for growth and progression, Ashley is a spontaneous individual who is always up for a challenge. She strives to explore the unknown and has true passion for travel and adventure. Willing to try anything once, she has a hard time passing down opportunities in life and strives on change.

    Janet Nicol

    founder, coffee lover, raw chocolate addict

    A coffee snob for nearly three decades, janet's passion to open her own place has been a long time coming. Bringing together the best espresso beans, awesome international drinks, non-bread/dessert snacks, and inspiring designs ideas from her years of living in South-East Asia and Europe, this place is her dream spot to hang out all day in!



    Phoenix knows there’s a little bit of magic in the air at Jamari, and he wants to help everyone get a taste through music, baking, and some real good coffee


    barista and queen baker

    The loveliest of ladies with the most creative and joyful mind. Free-spirited, welcoming and encouraging, Milo always has the sweetest smile.

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