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    Here’s the short version if you don’t have time to read the book but still want to participate in the challenge. Complaining is defined as expressing discontent, pain or grief with the way things are. It includes gossiping, criticizing, complaining or being sarcastic. People generally complain...
    Art is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, it allows us to learn and conjure memories, to transmit subtle states of being and meanings that words seldom manage to convey. It has the power to reflect back to us or project onto us any state of being our imaginations and psyches can...
    Love is porous. As it travels along the meridians of the earth, through the air, along channels of thought, intentions, and words, what may try reach out from the depths and grasp it as it goes by? And if such a thing is indeed coloured by fear, somewhere along the line those who keep the light...
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