• JAMARI Espresso House


    Join us for our second annual ShoeBox Project on Thursday, November 28th at 7:30 PM!

    We will make 15 boxes together, so bring 15 of each item!. We have the boxes and will provide materials to decorate and make cards.


    Cafe by day, bar by night


    Monday-Friday 7:30am-8pm

    Saturday 8am-8pm

    Sunday 8am-6pm
    ***CHECK OUR EVENTS for extended weekend hours***


  • Mission Statement

    Nurture, Inspire, Connect

    Our vision is to create a nurturing space for you to lounge and enjoy a book/magazine, or just take some quiet time to do nothing (under-rated!). We invite you explore our menu, check out our free library, meet with old friends or make new ones here. Our space was created to inspire community, supporting local businesses, being mindful of waste, and encouraging high-quality food intake, health, and nourishment in all forms.


    We are still a new business working hard towards sustainability and at the same time doing our best to meet your needs. We have combined your feedback with our mission and request that

    if you are working on a laptop please be mindful of:


    the amount of time you are here


    how much you order


    how busy the cafe is


    it should balance out for both of us.

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