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Why I love Bone Broth

And why I hope you will too.

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are naturally the most healing, and slow-cooked homemade bone broth is no exception. When you source it with organic, grass-fed beef bones, Its undeniably full blown comfort in a mug. It checks all the boxes, just the right amount of heat and seasoning, it can easily tide you over between meals or be added to make one more complete.

Bone broth is something many of our great grandmothers had as a staple in their kitchen. A time where perhaps frugality melded with an ethos of using every part of the animal, out of a naturally instilled respect for life.

It harkens back to a simpler time, when one could delay their satisfaction twelve hours until the broth was at its peak of nutrient extraction and flavour. The pungent aroma of marrow, onions, carrots and summer herbs dried from the garden, would be noticed wafting out into the street. There is a definitive sense of home in that.

Aside from the obvious contentment one derives from taking in a cup of bone broth, its numerous health benefits should certainly not be overlooked.

Bone broth helps in recovery from strenuous exercise, it helps fight off colds and flu, and it is energizing.

Bottom line, organic grass-fed bone broth is delicious, it makes you feel good, and it’s real food. When its sourced in an ethical manner, from farmers who respect nature and the environment, what's not to love?

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