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Connecting with purpose

food in time and space

Love is porous. As it travels along the meridians of the earth, through the air, along channels of thought, intentions, and words, what may try reach out from the depths and grasp it as it goes by? And if such a thing is indeed coloured by fear, somewhere along the line those who keep the light must step in and with their agile wrists and only a few gentle strokes, paint over it in the name of love, in the name of all that is good. Love will always prevail, in fact there would be no reason to fight if it weren’t so. If we were to be made to believe it could ever fall, any action at all would be pure madness of a permanent sort.

Tell me how can a thing that is born of the earth, born of life be making us sick, turning our own immune system, into an enemy?

In the same way we listen to our emotions, perhaps we should be made to learn the language of the body, which is in turn the language of life itself, of love.

Consider that somewhere on a subtler plane than our minds will allow us to give shape, there dwells a universal intelligence, but our state of collective semi-hypnosis dulls it. Not an overwhelming shadow, but a soft darkness, something like a limp handshake. Boney fingers and pock-marked skin, reach from below and tug gently at our pant-sleeves, imposing limitations on our access to consciousness.

Consider this a reminder to return the attention to the everlasting nuanced vibrations emanating from the field of love, and let it guide you through decisions, to break free from destructive habits, patterns and limiting systems of belief.

Let love guide how we connect with each other, with our world, with our bodies and minds. Let us nurture a garden which ripens into an elegant symbiosis, and in fact remembers how beautifully it thrives from a starting point of mutual understanding, co-operation and abundance.

Every step of the way in a food system must needs be honoured, from the idea in the mind of the farmer, to choosing how and what seed to bury, to nurturing the land and soil. That every drop of rain and every ray of sunshine be filled with love, thankfully will happen regardless. But that it be remembered why we would first put our spade to the earth and turn the soil. Likewise why we would prepare and share the most vital nutrients with our companions; ones that would nurture the spirit, the heart, the mind and the body in kind.

Let this be our offering.

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